Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rocky Horror on Halloween

A while ago, Adventure Time and friends decided to make the most of the second showing of the Rocky Horror performance on at the Fugard Theatre and so it was decided that we would go on a Friday night. But not just any old Friday night. We went on Halloween!

Brad and Janet Dress Up From Rocky Horror Picture Show
All dressed up as Brad and Janet
The night was incredible! The show was amazing and the way that some of the scenes were portrayed was incredibly clever. I would definitely suggest getting an audience participation pack as well - it's about R20 and you can share one between two people, it makes the experience that much more interactive. 

After the show
We also had some pretty cool seats - I'd never been to the Fugard before and booked two sets of seats. One set was top level at the back and the other set was top level, but along the side. We sat in the seats along the side and had a really good view of the stage which I would recommend.

Outside the Fugard Theatre

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