Hi, I'm Cath! Welcome to Practical Cookie - a personal blog where I share my ramblings on life, photographs, travels, recipes and thoughts.

Most engineers don't like to write. Luckily I'm not your typical engineer. Writing is something that I've always loved to do. Practical Cookie was born mostly out of evening boredom about a year into my first job. I decided that I needed something to keep me distracted busy while my boyfriend got up to completing his masters exciting things in Cape Town. We did long distance for 2 years and it was tough (click here to read about it) but we made it! 

At the beginning of 2014 I resigned from my old job and started a new job in Cape Town. I used to work as a Control and Instrumentation engineer in the maintenance department of a factory and I now work as a project engineer for a software development company that creates operations management software for industry.

To get you started, here are some of my more popular posts and things I've been up to recently. I love hearing from my readers, so please feel free to comment on any posts you've enjoyed, or pop me a mail! 

  • A look at the positives and negatives of being in a long distance relationship.
  • Life sometimes brings around loss, but you can always be grateful for the memories.
  • Holidays are for friends and family - take a squiz at the picture-journal of my Dec/Jan '14 trip to some places I'd never been to before in South Africa.
  • Girls sometimes aren't very nice to each other, and when it's unintentional I find it even more frustrating.
  • Most of the time when you ask someone what they do, you get a vague answer. Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight into some of the things that engineers do in their day-to-day jobs.
  • While we're on the topic of jobs - here's my take and a bit of advice on how to approach your first job out of varisty.
  • The best cheese muffins you'll ever taste - and super easy to make!
Version 1 of my Bulk File Renamer program
And, just to prove that I'm really an engineer, I recently created a little program for you to help you rename photo files in bulk. For example, if you have 1000 photos and you want to rename them something like "2014 Holiday 1" all the way through to "2014 Holiday 1000", then this program does it in seconds rather than hours! You can click here to find out more. And did I mention it was free?

I generally try to post twice a week. Sometimes it's a bit more and sometimes it's a bit less, it just depends on how busy I've been that week. 

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  1. Hello I found your blog via another engineer's blog. I am a project engineer also.

    Thanks for sharing