Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cape Town Highlights

Even after living in Cape Town for 4 years while studying, every time I go back I am struck by the beauty of the area and I can never take enough pictures. Here are some pics that are the highlight of my visit there last week

Blue and yellow paragliding

Paragliding off Signal Hill
We decided to go to Signal Hill
And found a bunch of people making the most of
the perfect weather by paragliding off the top of the hill

Girl overlooking Cape Town city

Path with yellow flowers
We decided to make the most of the good weather by
taking a walk down the side of Signal Hill. I had a bit of a
rest along the way and admired the view
of the city below me.
It was a stunning walk and at stages
the path was littered with little yellow flowers, felt a
bit like Hansel and Gretel.

Sea spray off the promanade

Waves spraying

Cape Town Waterfront
We then took a walk along the promenade with
waves crashing around us. Apparently that Sunday
And the Monday after were the biggest waves that had
been seen so far this year.

Arch rock near Wellington
We took a drive out to Wellington and found an awesome
picnic spot. On our way back we stopped at this awesome rock
for some pics. It reminded me of the rock formations
we saw while we were in Utah during our trip around the USA last year.

Val Du Charron palm trees at night
The night time view from Val Du Charron

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