Sunday, 1 June 2014

A New Look!

Everyone, I'm sure by now you've realised that Practical Cookie has had a bit of a makeover. Welcome to the new look Practical Cookie. I now even have my own mascot!

For a while now, I've been mulling over how I can make Practical Cookie better and today I had an epiphany while trying to come up with logo designs - here's my initial sketch that I did of Practical Cookie (she's a Gingerbread girl) holding a paintbrush and hammer.

Practical Cookie Gingerbread Girl
Creative AND hands-on

 And just in case you've missed it, here's the final Practical Cookie mascot!
I first took a picture of her, using my phone. Then I used GIMP (a free image editing platform) to edit and tweak her a bit, until my final product came to fruition below.

Practical Cookie Gingerbread Girl Logo

I'm really excited about my new look blog. What do you think?

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