Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Visit To Darling

A few weekends ago, we went to Darling with Frosty's family and we had such a lovely weekend away. We drank some wine, went to Evita se Perron where we saw the show Adapt or Fly and we also took a bit of a drive to see the last of the Namaqualand flowers (I think it was the Waylands farm that we drove around- thank you Waylands!).

In other news, Engineering In Style have posted my second guest post on their blog, so you can click here to go and take a look to find out more on How and Why I ended up studying engineering. (If you want to follow their blog take a look at their facebook page too!)

And now, for some photos...

A view out the window of our veranda
I decided to get my camera out and play one of the evenings
Lasers in photograph
Then Frosty brought out his laser...
night photography with green laser
We had fun playing with long exposures and making laser patterns in the pictures! 
Water flowing out pipes into trough
We went to Darling Olives to do a Wine and Olive tasting - so yummy!
Angry bird on its nest
I had some fun with the Cape Weavers
Cape Weaver view from below
We spent some time watching them build their nests and it was incredible!
Pink flowers
Before lunch at the Marmalade Cat, we went to find some flowers. I got some lovely pics and
then at lunch, there was a great menu that told us the (local?) names of some of these flowers.
This one is called Bokbaaivygie.
Purple and pink flowers
Purple flowers in a field
More Kelkeiwynne
Orange yellow flowers
Anyone know the name of this flower??
Me in the flowers
Field of flowers
I'm unsure of these names too!
Orange flowers
Any suggestions for these flowers?
Purple flowers through a fence
A field of violet!

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