Thursday, 30 October 2014

Camping At Kogel Bay

Last weekend, a bunch of us camped for a night a Kogel Bay, which is just past Gordon's Bay. Half our group met at our house on Saturday morning, we packed up two cars and set off for our camp site. 

When we arrived, it was a little windy blowing gales. So we set up all our camping stuff in the wind and just as we were finishing off, our neighbours decided to start their generator so that they could play some pretty average music (loud enough to drown out the generator!) and continue with what looked to be a very drunken weekend. Needless to say, after a group huddle and a quick discussion, we decided to move our campsite to a slightly more windy, but much quieter site. But at least it was far from our neighbours with their terrible music - definitely a decision that made the rest of our weekend much better!

Most of Saturday was spent chilling, with a bit of a beach session before we started a braai and spent the rest of the evening chatting, playing a tune or two on the guitar and trying not to be blown away.

On Sunday morning, most of us were awake early and after a cup of coffee, we went down to the beach to see the sun creep across the waves once it had risen above the mountain behind us. After a quick breakfast we packed some bags with water and snacks and spent an amazing day on the beach - the water was swimmable, the sky was blue and the weather ideal for a day on the beach.

Clouds pouring over mountiain
Blanket over the mountain
Early morning beach and mountain scene
Early morning sea view
Early morning beach and mountain scene clouds blanket over mountain
Sea and mountain view
Sunrise over the mountains
Sunrise at the beach
Me taking a photo of you, taking a photo of me...
My friend Jono taking pictures for Giraffe Toes photography
You can check out his website here (and order prints from him if you like!)
Waves spraying from the wind
Windy waves
Sea anemone with blue inner
Bright blue sea anemone
Colourful Sea anemones
Colourful sea anemones
We found a friendly puppy on the beach who just wanted to play!
Catching a frisbee
Catching frisbee
Friends playing on the beach
Playing at the beach
Playing frisbee on the beach
Intense games of frisbee took place

Some info on Kogel Bay Resort Camp Site:
  • It's about 70 km from Cape Town to Kogel Bay Resorts and the drive is about an hour from Cape Town (depending on traffic through Somerset West).
  • The camp site is pretty basic, with no electricity, but comfortable enough for a night or two.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that the guys bathrooms (so I was told) were all open showers. I'm not sure if it was just this block, or if all blocks are like that, but if you're a guy and not used to boarding-school type open showers, you may want to find another place to shower...
  • The cost is around R140 per night for one camp-site.
  • Each camp-site fits up to 6 people and up to 2 cars.

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