Monday, 6 October 2014

Engineering Guest Posts

Since I've started blogging, I haven't found many people who fit into the same niche as me (female engineers who blog). This is partly because I haven't known where to look. And so, the other day, when I plugged in "Engineering" as a search term to Bloglovin, I was really excited to find a few blogs written by female engineers. Yipee!

One of these blogs, Engineering In Style, features an engineer every month. When I saw this, I was really excited. They're based in the USA, so when I saw that some of their tags included "South Africa" I was even more excited. I thought, I don't have anything to lose, let's see if they would like to feature a South African engineer as a guest poster - and they're keen!

In the next few weeks, I'm going to be posting some guest posts from Sumhita and Katherine on Practical Cookie and at the same time, they'll be posting some stuff that I've written for their readers over at Engineering In Style. I'm really looking forward to sharing what they have to say and getting another session of guest posts on to Practical Cookie (as well as being as guest poster on another blog!). Go and check out their blog and keep an eye out for my (first ever) guest posts. And if you forget to look, don't worry, I'll remind you! 

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