Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Engineering In Style: Katherine

Today I'm really excited to share Katherine's story with you and give you a bit of an insight into what a Civil Engineer does. Take a squiz below!

Katherine from Engineering In Style
Hello All!  My name is Katherine and I am half of Engineering In Style.  I am a Civil Engineer currently working in the Iron and Steel industry.  When most people hear engineering, they think of design engineers that spend a majority of their time at a desk.  I work in project management, focusing primarily on construction management.  What does this mean?  It means my day can vary drastically depending on the status of my projects, but I never spend a day running calculations.  When a large improvement or new facility is built in my company, my department hires the engineers to design it, critiques the design, sets the project budget, hires the contractors, and manages the construction and startup.  Some days I spend out in the field talking to ironworkers and boilermakers, other days I’m in the office reviewing drawings, sending emails, and making phone calls.  What I love about my job, is I have to go from knowing absolutely nothing about a facility, to being enough of an expert to manage the people designing and building it.  It really is fun, and I love a challenge!

On Engineering In Style, I write mostly about what I do outside of work.  A lot of what I do during the day is information I can’t share with the general public, not to mention I have more than enough hobbies to write about!  To follow my shopping addiction, DIY attempts, cooking adventures, and random musings (and to see Cath’s guest posts), check out, follow us on twitter @engineerinstyle and Instagram @engineeringinstyle!

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