Friday, 7 November 2014

Instagram Challenge

So, Indie Berries (one of my favourite bloggers) has started a creative challenge that I'm taking part in on Instagram. It's under the hashtag #myoriginalawesomeness and people have been creating some amazing stuff! What's even cooler is that one of my creations get a mention on one of her blog posts - scroll to the bottom and look for the first "Awesome!" link! :) 

This is how the challenge works: every day Indie Berries is posting a prompt on Instagram along with suggestions on how you can create something similar and what tools (apps) you can use to be creative. It's not too late to join - you can follow Indie Berries on Instagram here and if you want to follow my own progress on the challenge you can follow me on Instagram here.

I've been posting my creations on my Facebook page on an (almost) daily basis, but I thought let me share what I've created so far, as well as some other awesome creations from others.

Windswept Skies
Day 1 Challenge

Day 2 Challenge

Day 3 Challenge
Food colouring and flowers
Day 4 Challenge
Be kind text image
Day 5 Challenge

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