Monday, 19 January 2015

Black and White Photography

One of my friends, Sean, challenged me to post 5 black and white pictures just before I went on holiday last year. We've both been taking more of an interest in photography and it's been great to see some of the awesome images he's been taking! I took a while to complete my pictures (holidays were way more important) but along the way I've learnt a bit more about making a black and white picture look good which has been pretty fun. I also ended up using a lot of my holiday pictures in this black and white challenge, and so I think it was worth the wait.

My favourite black and white photo(s) are the ones that I took of water falling into a silver container while we were camping. I used the rainy day as an opportunity to learn a bit more about my camera and (after some post processing in GIMP*). I was pretty chuffed with the end result. I originally only posted one of my raindrop pics for the challenge, but I decided to show them both here as I really battled to choose between them!

Three Rhinos Grazing in Black and White

Fishing in a river black and white photography

Bat and her baby in black and white

Water falling 2 in black and white

Tree and shadow in black and white

Please bear with me as I'm starting to experiment with adding a watermark to my images!

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