Friday, 3 April 2015

Some Pictures and a Sketch

Is it just me, or is the first quarter of the year really busy? Frosty and I have had a busy few weeks and weekends which have been really fun. And now, somehow 2015 is starting to actually feel like 2015 and it's almost Easter!

Between weekends away and busy work weeks, I'm really looking forward to an extra long weekend at home, without too many hectic plans other than maybe seeing some mates and some time to catch up on my online biomimicry course that I'm doing this month.

Here are some snaps I've taken over the last few weeks and a little pre-easter sketch I did, to get into the Easter Spirit!

Flower from my cousin's garden in Joburg
Flower in black and white
The same flower in black and white
Ducks next to jetty and boats
We visited Port Owen Marina a few weekends ago and had a bunch of ducks that always seemed to be right outside our place - great entertainment!
Sunset clouds while we were at Port Owen Marina
Dramatic sunset
More sunset pics
golden sunset over the marina
And another one, because they're pretty!
playing putt-putt
Playing some putt-putt
playing putt-putt
playing putt-putt
Getting ready to putt!

What are you up to over this long weekend? Anything interesting?

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