Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Namibia Travels: Part 1

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that I've been pretty quiet on the blog lately. If you were following my instagram feed, you'll know that the reason I've been so quiet is because we went to a wedding in Namibia (Frosty's cousins wedding). So we used the wedding as an opportunity to go on (a camping) holiday in Namibia for 10 days and we only got back on Sunday. Since then, it's been a hectic week back, so it's going to take me a few days to get all my thoughts in order and put together some posts on our Namibia trip (and of course pictures - so many pictures)!

In the mean time, you can catch a sneak peak of the route we took by clicking on this link. You can find the basic outline of where we were each day, I'll be going into a bit more detail on our actual travels in the upcoming posts, so if you want to find out more, follow along on my facebook page so that you don't miss upcoming posts! 

Day 1: CT - Savana Guest Farm (Border Posts  etc)
Day 2: Savana Guest Farm to Windhoek
Day 3: Windhoek
Day 4: Windhoek - Walvis Bay - Swakopmund
Day 5: Swakopmund - Spitzkoppe - Okahandja
Day 6: Okahandja - Windhoek - Naukluft
Day 7: Naukluft - Soussesvlei
Day 8: Soussesvlei - Hobas
Day 9: Hobas - Ai-Ais
Day 10: Ai-Ais - Cape Town

I'll also be posting useful information such as the documentation we needed to prepare before we left and what our day to day travels and camping box consisted of. After 10 days in Namibia, I think we got a taste of what this awesome country has to offer. There were some things that I expected (like the desert and dryness) but there were other things that were completely unexpected, such as the beautiful passes that we drive through in order to get to some of our destinations. And we only explored the southern part of Namibia - hopefully we'll get a chance to explore the rest of it some day soon!

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