Monday, 6 July 2015

Birthday Post

Hello again. It's been a while since I last posted here, so I thought I would give a quick round up of what's been happening in the last little while.

It was my birthday 2 weekends ago and I was lucky enough to have my parents and grandparents in Cape Town to celebrate with me. We stayed at Yellow Wood Cottage in Kleinmond and I'm sure we'll be back - there is tons of room and it's within walking distance of the sea, which is great! I managed to convince a few friends to come out to the cottage for a braai on the Saturday afternoon - it was so lovely to introduce newer friends to my family and have them re-connect with my older friends.

Birthday Lunch with the Family - thanks Dad for this pic!
On the Sunday we went for a stroll around the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens, in Betty's Bay and then headed off to Hermanus for a delicious lunch before heading back for a relaxed afternoon. After a simple dinner, Frosty and I said cheers and headed back to CT and the rest of the family got an early morning delayed-by-a-few-hours flight back to KZN later in the afternoon. The joys of delayed flights!

This last weekend, I used two of my birthday gifts. One of them a Table Mountain Cable Card, to take the Cable Car to the top of Table Mountain and then, once on top and away from the millions of people who had the same idea as us on a sunny winters day, I was able to use my Roberts App to play calls of the Orange Breasted Sunbird to get them to come close, which allowed me to get some awesome pics!

pink flowers on top of a mountain
Pretty pink flowers on top of Table Mountain
Rock Kestral eating something
We found a Rock Kestral too! He (she?) was in the middle of their meal.
Rock Kestral in the rocks
Nestled safely in the rocks
Orange Breasted Sunbird on top of Table Mountain
Silhouette of a sunbird 
Male and female orange breasted sunbirds in the fynbos
Male and female sunbirds perched on some dry fynbos
Male orange breasted sunbird
Checking out the competition
Male orange breasted sunbird on it's perch
Yay for cool apps that bring birds close to you!
Quizzical orange breasted sunbird
A quizzical look from this guy when he couldn't
see who was making such a noise.
Orange breasted sunbird
Don't you just love the colours on this chap?
Orange breasted sunbird
A rather uncomfortable looking pose!
Orange breasted sunbird
These guys are everywhere on top of Table Mountain. 
If you keep your eyes peeled you'll see them!
Orange breasted sunbird in flight
I was stoked to get this one of him just leaving his perch!
View from the top of Table Mountain
View into Hout Bay - pity it was a hazy day, but still a pretty view.

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