Thursday, 22 October 2015

Germany in Pictures

Wow, I think it's been almost a whole month since my last post. Not for want of trying, I have a few posts in draft that I've been trying to finish, as well as trying to get through a bunch of photo's that I've taken and want to edit a bit (to add a bit of polish) before posting!

Anyway, here is a second round of the rest of my Germany photos, now that I've finally found an evening and finished editing them! To round the rest of my trip up in a nutshell - I had a busy week with our client, first giving some training and then testing the software in preparation for using the it in the "real world". After finishing up on Friday, I caught a train to visit my friend in Regensburg. My 5 hour train ride turned into a 7 hour ride due to delays along the way (where is that German precision when you need it?!) but eventually I got there and it was lovely to be in a smaller, student town.

Even though it was early Saturday morning when I got to Regensburg, there were still a lot of people out, walking along the cobblestone streets all kitted out in the lederhosen and dirndls! Some of the highlights of my weekend were walking around the city and playing tourist, going up to the tops of churches to get views of the city and going to the dult (like a mini Oktoberfest) where I got to meet a bunch of Kim's work colleagues, who were a melting pot of languages and cultures and all very friendly.

I spent my last day and a bit in Munich. By this time, the weather had turned bad and I spent the day walking the mizzly streets, trying to find my way to Marienplatz. I'm happy to say that I was in time to see the Glockenspiel play from a crowded doorway where people were trying to get out of the rain.

I have got so many good memories tucked away, but I think, for this post, I'm going to let my pictures do the rest of the talking for my second post on Germany.

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