Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wedding Bells

The first of my varsity friends got married last weekend and I was able to snap some lovely shots of the day. 

Ash and Matt - it was such a privilege to be part of your special day. I have no doubt that the love, faith, family-ties and friendships apparent on your big day will continue to go from strength to strength.

I found a quote the other day and thought of you two, as it was apparent that you two have found the right person in each other.

"Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery." - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

And now for some of my favourite shots from the day!

Blue and silver wedding gift
Wedding Gift

Wedding cupcake
Wedding Cake

Vanilla, chocolate and red-velvet cupcakes - yum!

Beautiful decorations on the cupcakes too

Paul and Frosty - Oakfield Farm provided the most delicious iced-tea
for guests before the ceremony started - such a great idea on a hot afternoon 

We found an ivy covered water tower when we took a walk around before
the ceremony started

Lavender flowers
Lovely lavender

Chapel decorations - simple and elegant

The chapel had a roof, but the walls on either side were open to
the elements - we were all relieved when there was fresh air
blowing through the "walls"

Guests on their way to be seated

White flowers in heart shaped hanging container
Decoration piece hanging from the chandelier

And another one - rose inside glass bauble

The groomsmen, I unfortunately missed the one at the front of the row

The man of the hour

More lovely decorations across the way from the chapel

The little flower-girl and page-boy were too adorable

And unfortunately obscured by this column

My beautiful friend trotted past us on a horse drawn coach with her dad
before entering the chapel

Two of the lovely bridesmaids led by the little ones

Matt daring people to object to the marriage

Rose decoration in arched window

Cutting of the cake 

This peacock kept on admiring himself in the mirror and then looking behind the mirror to try and find the handsome fellow who he could see in front of him. He did this for ages, before getting angry and hoping that flapping at the mirror would bring his stubborn foe out. When that didn't work, he went back to looking at the mirror and then behind it again. 

Some fun pics on a bridge we found with Paul and Ferdie

Annie and Tienie looking good

I know I posted this pic previously, but it's so awesome I had to post it again.
Our attempt at being a peacock

Ex-digsmates Kate and Ferdie

Gorgeous flower-girl again

Entertained by something

Dancefloor DMC

How radiant do these two look?

Father and daughter dance

Mother and son joined in a little while later

Sparkler creativity
Frosty and I found some spare sparklers and decided to experiment

Throwing of the garter

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