Wednesday, 12 February 2014


This Valentine's Day will be the first time we've been apart in 5 years. Seems like a lifetime and a minute ago that we first started dating but either way it's been such fun and we've both learnt a lot. Frosty gave me a card for my birthday last year, at the front was written

I love this quote and think that it pretty much sums us up.


On Valentine's Day 5 years ago I went to pre-drinks with a group of mates and then went on to watch the Sharks play the Stormers at Newlands Rugby Stadium. I remember taking a taxi there (one of those proper taxis, with the guy at the front shouting our final destination each time we stopped), and being made to down the remainder of the vodka-coke mix that we had all been sharing during the pre-drinks session. Lets just say I didn't register much of that rugby match...Lucky I don't usually watch rugby, so I don't feel like I missed out too much. I was walked home and put into bed by Frosty before the sun had even gone down (but it stays light until late in Cape Town in summer time, so it probably wasn't that early). He went out to party with some friends for the rest of that night. On the plus side, going to bed so early meant I woke up fresh as a daisy the next morning! I even saw the beautiful sunrise!

Needless to say, it wasn't a particularly romantic Valentine's Day, but it was only after the day that we decided to use Valentine's Day to mark our anniversary. Makes it easy for Frosty to remember and I get to tease him that he got me horribly drunk during our first Valentine's Day together.

The next year it was slightly more romantic. We went camping in Franschhoek and just took some time to chill and explore the area. It was an awesome thing to do and hopefully in the near future we'll be doing a bit more exploring of those areas. I think on that year we also went out for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday and got to watch the sun setting over Clifton/Bantry Bay and learnt all about Greek food.  

For our 2nd anniversary, I can't really remember what we did. But it was a Monday night. I think we probably just went out for dinner? Or maybe we went out for an O-week party? No. Idea.
Edit: I've been reminded that we went on a double-date to Signal Hill on this Valentine's day with friends: Russell and Cat. I have no idea why I didn't remember this, as it was a pretty fun afternoon/evening watching the sun set over the sea, drinking wine and eating yummy snacks!

We were in the States for our 3rd anniversary. We woke up early before work so we could open gifts. Frosty hid my gifts in the safe that was in my room and made me hunt for them - I  was very impressed, my romantic training was starting to pay off. Then I went on to work and he went to sleep because he had to work later on that night.

I had dinner with another guy on Valentine's day on our 4th anniversary. But it was because I was waiting to pick Frosty up from the airport and unintentionally I had made plans with my friend for that night. And it helped to make the time go quicker while waiting for Frosty to arrive. (Don't worry Frost, we talked mainly about long distance relationships and how much they suck.) I made him a cute painting series to commemorate the highlights of the last four years.

And this Valentine's day we'll be apart. I'm driving to KZN for the weekend to drop stuff at home in preparation for moving out my flat. Frosty hands his thesis in on Friday and will probably be catching up on sleep and enjoying his first free weekend in a while. And we'll celebrate when I get to Cape Town, only 17 more sleeps until I arrive back in the Cape and I'm too excited to be heading back soon!

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