Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Karoo Wedding

Nestled away in the Karoo is a place that takes you by surprise at it's beauty. I once spent the night there on a road trip with a friend, from KZN to Cape Town and didn't have much of a chance to see very much of the city, other than the beautiful NG Kerk, which dominates much of the town. Named for the Cape Town Governor at the time, as well as his wife; Graaf-Reinet is definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there before.

A few weeks ago, I had occasion to go back and spend a bit more time in this lovely town for a friends wedding. It was such an honour to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter with them - and getting to see a few faces that I hadn't seen for a while was a great bonus!

Over the weekend we also tried to fit in and see as much of the town as possible. We stayed at a great place called Villa Reinet, and were extremely grateful for the small plunge pool that we were able to use to cool down after a long day of driving. We were advised by our host to visit The Valley Of Desolation for sundowners, which we did and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who visits this historical town! Contrary to it's name, the views are magnificent and if you're a rock climber, you will probably spend your time being distracted by all the beautiful rocks in the area!

Nqweba dam in the middle of the Karoo
Nqweba Dam (I think) which is situated just above the town, on the way
to the Valley of Desolation

Kim, Steve and Frosty, admiring the view

Beautiful greenery

Camdeboo National Park overlooking dam
Our first lookout point in the Camdeboo National Park

Camdeboo National Park mountain view
Camdeboo National Park

Sunset over rocky mountains
Camdeboo National Park

Steve and Kim - Camdeboo National Park

Rock formation
Camdeboo National Park - Remember those rocks I was talking about? ...

This picture reminds me of our travels in the USA when we decided to see sunset and sunrise in the new places we visited. 

Steve enjoying his sundowners

Kim and her delicious plums that saved us from starvation

Guess who's the rock-climber of the bunch?

Camdeboo National Park - Sunset

Camdeboo National Park

Camdeboo National Park Sunset
Camdeboo National Park
We're so lucky to live in a country of such contrasts and beauty!

Camdeboo National Park Sunset
Camdeboo National Park

Graaf Reinet NG Kerk
The NG Kerk in Graaf-Reinet Town

Graaf Reinet NG Kerk clock tower
NG Kerk (Church, for those who don't understand Afrikaans)
Kim and Frosty

Me and Frosty

Railings with church in background
I loved this repeated pattern that the fence outside the church made, as you looked
down the length of it!

We felt the heat of this sun as we spent the morning trying to find the largest Cactus Nursery in the World 
(or so they say)...unfortunately we were unsuccessful, but we did get to see pretty much the whole town! 

Steve giving the Organ at St James Anglican Church a bash

Playing the organ
Music in action at St James Anglican Church

Steve at St James Anglican Church

Flowers ready for the wedding service

Jess (proof that you were indeed at the wedding ;) )
Unfortunately I didn't get any good pics of the other bridesmaids :(

Lou and her mum - even though this pic is a
bit fuzzy, don't they both look beautiful!

Glen and Lou - what a privilege to be at your wedding and share your special day with you both. Seeing your relationship develop and grow has been incredible to watch and I hope that the years make it stronger and richer!

Bride and Groom

First Dance

And the dance floor is open!

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