Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wine Diaries

Remember that time when we went to the Grape Escape and won lots of wine? Well, the stores in the wine cupboard are slowly depleting - here's what we've drunk so far:

Like Father Like Son
Like Father Like Son (Bon Courage) Chenin Blanc 2013.
Loved the sand-blasted-type bottle that the wine came in
and found the wine very refreshing and drinkable!

My friend, Sos, invited us to dinner one night, so we
took this bottle of wine and a yummy Aubergine and Pomegranate
dip along to keep our tummies full while dinner was cooking 

Chenin Blanc
Ashton Kelder Chenin Blanc 2013. Another easy drinking wine,
perfect for a summers evening after work!
Frosty's photographic skills are improving too!

Another Bon Courage wine, this time the Chardonnay Prestige Cuvee.
I can't remember what this wine tasted like, but I haven't actively disliked
any of the wines we've won so far, so I think I'll need to get
another bottle to try it again!

Cab Sav
Another wine that we took along as a gift to another dinner and I think we
have another one in the cupboard that we'll taste at a later stage - I'll let
you know! Bon Courage Cabernet Sauvignon 2011.
Sumsare Chardonnay 2012. I can never know if I like chardonnay or not,
but I definitely enjoyed this Sumsare Chardonnay!

Three Rivers Wine
Three Rivers 2013 (Bon Courage) Andre's Fame.
This time it was my turn to cook when Sos and Marek came
around for dinner. Made from the Colombard grape, it's had a
great combination of slight sweetness and dryness.

This poor Bon Courage bottle jumped out of our fridge and saw it's demise on the
kitchen floor before we had a chance to sample it. I debated briefly about sticking my fingers into the spilt wine to test it, but the thought of splinters in my throat was enough
to deter me from the act. As such, this is another wine that I will try and find
so that I can feed back to you at a later stage!
(Hillside Red, Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, 2012)
Stonedale Chenin Blanc 2013 - none of that sharpness at the back of
your throat that you get with some other types of white wines, I could
definitely drink a lot of this wine in one sitting!

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