Friday, 25 April 2014

Pipe Trail Walk

Are you looking for something to do in Cape Town that is outside, somewhat active and has a beautiful view of the sea the whole time? Luckily I have just the thing for you!

A few weeks ago, we took a gentle stroll along the pipe trail. This is the second walk we've done of Mike Lundy's Walks. We had our friend, Michelle, join us and we spent a really relaxing afternoon strolling along the mountain contours, with the pipes occasionally peeping through the ground to keep up company.

These pipes were the first pipes to bring fresh, clear water to Cape Town. Before the installation of these pipes, the water was apparently brown and I, for one, am very glad to live in a time where we are supplied with clear drinking water!

I really loved this walk and judging from the number of people on the trail, it's a very popular trail that gets done by families, friends and those out to enjoy the beautiful views from the mountain! 

To find this walk, drive to the parking lot that is below the Table Mountain cable car. As you turn off the Kloof Nek Road, you'll see a parking lot on your left hand side - park there, walk across the road and you see a grassy patch, as you get to the grassy patch, you'll find a trail and that is the start of the pipe track.
Walk until you get bored, then turn around and walk back again. In total, you could probably walk for about 1.5 - 2 hours (if I remember correctly) to walk all the way.

Frosty and Shells at the start of our walk

old pipes
Some cool pipes that peeked out to say hi

view of sea through trees

With a view like this you barely notice you're going for a walk!

spider web covered in dew drops
Spider web and dew drops
Air Valve 17 - one of the many valve housings we passed on our walk

Windblown trees Cape Town
Even though it wasn't windy while we were walking, you would think it was by
these trees that have been blown into shape by the almost incessant wind!

A beautiful protea, getting ready to flower

The first walk was this one which was lovely. 

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