Sunday, 25 May 2014

Will I Tip You? Average Service

Dear Service Industry Workers,

Do you want to know why I'll tip you the industry standard?

Restaurants - it's not only up to your staff.
If you train them properly, they'll perform to the standard you expect. 
You probably do some of the following:
  • Put away your cell phone when I walk in and acknowledge I exist.
  • When I ask for something, my request is taken seriously and addressed without too much hassle.
  • Minimum service expectations are met. Sometimes with a smile. Sometimes with a serious face. But at least when you talk, I can hear you and understand what you're saying.
  • I leave your workplace thinking: "Hmmm, that was nice, the waiter/waitress/receptionist was OK."
  • When I'm finished, it takes a while for you to come and see if there's anything else you can help me with.
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