Thursday, 29 May 2014

Will I Tip You? Exceptional Service

Dear Service Industry Workers,

Do you want to know why I'll tip you MORE the industry standard?
You probably do some of the following:
  • I get greeted with a smile and am made to feel welcome.
  • There's not a cell phone in site. You didn't have one in front of you when I walked in, and if a computer is in front of you, it's open to something that looks like work (and not Facebook).
  • You approach me and ask me if there is anything you can help me with.
  • You think about what I will need and address it before I ask - cold day outside and door wide open: "Can I close the door for you? That breeze looks like it's whipping inside and making you all cold". Glass of water has a few sips left: "Can I get you another drink?".
  • You attend to my most absurd requests with a helpful attitude. "I haven't heard of that restaurant down the street, but let me check with someone and see if it's good." "You're looking for a doctor, even though this is a restaurant? Let me call my manager for a recommendation." "You're wanting the greek salad, without tomato or cucumber? No problem. Can I add some dressing on the side?"
  • On my 3rd or 4th visit that week, I'm greeted by name and asked if I would like to start off with your usual insert-name-of-favourite-drink-here.
  • I leave thinking "Wow, he/she was so helpful. I can't believe the service at that place. I'm definitely recommending it to all of my friends."

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