Thursday, 19 June 2014

Italy - Work Highlights

I've been incredibly privileged to have been in Italy this week for work as part of one of the projects I've been working on. I'm here for a few more days, but I thought that I would share some of the highlights that I've experienced so far.

Savona Italy Harbour at night time
View from the Bridge a 5 minute walk from our hotel

  • Coffee in the French airport and talking philosophy with my colleagues (thus experiencing France without having to leave the airport).
  • A great walk along the Savona beachfront with my two colleagues.
  • Getting to meet, in person, all of the people that I have been talking to over the last two months or so for work.
  • Getting educated by Italians on coffee and the many intricacies that go along with it (it's taboo to have cappuccino after about 10am in Italy, as our UK team member found out!).
  • The sun staying up until well past 9pm - such a treat coming from the South African winter.
  • Mealtimes with Italians are times for eating vast amounts of food (think 6 courses!) and drinking lovely wine.
  • Laughing about the stereotypes of the different cultures and sharing a bit of the South African culture with my team members.
  • Convincing everyone to come and visit South Africa at some stage.
Our workshop is now finished and I have 2 and a bit days to see a bit more of Italy, so watch this space for some more updates!

Castle archway
Part of the Castle a 5 minute walk from our hotel

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  1. Lovely pics and report Chick! Enjoy the downtime now and LOVE to you and Stefy.