Monday, 9 June 2014

Orange Kloof Tented Camps

On Saturday I was invited to spend the night away with some friends in the Orange Kloof Tented Camps. This place is a little gem that hardly anyone knows about, but is definitely worth the visit! It's run by SanParks and is part of the 5 day Hoeriekwaggo trail. I found it appealing because it's a 20 minute drive from home and it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. 

One member of our group brought a hula-hoop with LEDs inside it, here are some of the results of some night time pics (which was a great way to try something different with my camera), as well as some pics of the venue.

Afternoon in the mountains

Lights and windows
Peeking through the kitchen windows, you can see some
rather interesting looking light shades!

Nothing better than a crisp winter evening (with no wind or rain),
red wine and a braai on the go!

LED Hula Hoop at night
Fun with an LED Hula-Hoop

LED Hula Hoop Night Pictures
Long exposures (ie a shutter speed between 2 - 10 seconds) allowed me to take these pics

LED Hula Hoop Night Swirls

LED Hula Hoop Night Messy Squiggles

LED Hula Hoop Movement

LED Hula Hoop Wiggles

LED Hula Hoop Night Mushroom Shape
This was my second favourite image - I love the suggestion of a
silhouette and the energy of the flowing lines. 

LED Hula Hoop Negative Person
And THIS was definitely my favourite from the time I spent playing around with my camera
How To Get There:

Drive from Rondebosch towards Hout Bay. At the Constantia Nek circle, carry on towards Hout Bay and once you've gone about 1km, start looking for a dodgy looking road labelled "Orange Kloof" on your right. Once you get through the gate, keep right until you reach the accomodation.

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