Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rhino Horn Hike

A few weeks ago I flew back to KZN with Frosty for the long weekend so that we could join in on another lovely berg weekend hosted by our friend Annie, and her folks.

We were able to spend the night before we left to the berg, and the night that we came back from the berg, with my folks, which was a lovely bonus to the trip!

Our biggest achievement was a hike up Rhino Horn; the guys were all keen to make it to the top from the start. The girls weren't so sure BUT as we got closer (and closer, and closer) to the top, our mindsets changed and we decided that we couldn't let the guys summit alone.

Some advice:
It took us about 11 hours and we entered through the Drak Gardens entrance.
We took lots of snack-type foods to keep us going throughout the hike. 

Here are some pics of our hike
At the beginning of the hike

The sun just peeking over the mountain tops

Rocky mountains in the morning
We had the most beautiful views for our entire hike

KZN green mountains and shadows
Most of this hike is in the shade, with pockets of sun every now and then

Frosty and I

Se and Annie

Tienie and Frosty managed to find some water for us at the last watering hole before the top
It was so chilly that a lot of the ice along the rocks hadn't yet melted!
There's a remarkable flat portion along the top of the mountain, before you get to the actual "horn"
Tired legs and hungy tummies, but we made it to the top!
Our group at the top of Rhino Horn

And all the way at the bottom again - tired but content

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