Monday, 7 July 2014

Italy: Genoa

After arriving in Genoa and checking in to our hotels, I took a walk to the Aquarium with my colleagues and we spend a very pleasant afternoon walking down the streets and then hiding away from the hot sun, admiring all the beautiful aquatic life.

I loved all the balcony's with flowers hanging from them

Genoa Cathedral - famous for surviving an attack where the British
shot a bomb into the cathedral. The bomb failed to detonate and you
can see the bomb shell in the church.

Detail from the building below

More painted buildings in Genova
I always find aquariums peaceful places to visit and can spend hours watching the different animals just chilling, playing or bobbing along in the water. The light that comes through and all the different colours, from electric pinks and blues, rich reds and oranges to dull silvers and browns can keep me occupied for hours. 
Pirate ship Genova
Pirate ship, anyone? ;)

Yellow and brown fish (no idea what it's real name is...)

Manatee at Genova Aquarium
The beautiful manatee

My new favourite sea animal

Another yellow and brown fish (different to the one at the top, I think)

Starfish and grumpy brown fish

Sparkly gold fish - reminds me of smart golden dresses worn by celebrities

Pink starfish

The praying (or is it apologetic?) crab

More fishies

Not a fish! But a bright green gekko (I think from South America)

Spotty jellyfish

Jellyfish under UV light

There were many similar sea-creatures in the Genoa Aquarium, but also some unusual ones, like the manatees. I think they're my new favourite sea animal. With faces like seals and bodies of water-heffalumps, their grace is surprising and it was incredible to see them playing together and sometimes waving a fin at their human observers when they swam past the glass.

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