Sunday, 17 August 2014

Adventure Time

So, when I moved back to Cape Town, one of my mates started a whatsapp group with a few of us and aptly called it "Adventure Time". It originally started out as a way for us to organise a few movie nights. However, as time passed, our group grew. More adventurous people joined us.

Now, instead of finding ourselves going to chilled movies and sushi or tea with my cheese muffins, brownies and other yummy things, we found ourselves doing a lot more adventurous things. Like going to musicals and walking out to dinner (which resulted in me spraining my ankle...too much wine of an adventure too soon, perhaps?).

Birthday Brownies

There was also that one time when two of our members decided to wake up at 4am to go and hike to the top of Table Mountain in the HOPE that they would see snow when they got to the top. That proved to be way too adventurous too early in the morning for most of us. They got lucky and it started snowing while they were exploring the top of the mountain!

Think it was worth getting up at 4am to see this amount of snow?

We've been a bit more adventurous recently and last weekend we managed to spend a weekend in the Cedarberg, which was great! I'll be posting more on that weekend soon!

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