Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins of Falling in Like: Relationship Perks

In the Seven Deadly Sins of Falling in Like, sin number 2 is Perks of a Relationship. If you missed the other parts of the series, click on the links to see the Intro and Sympathy

Perks of a Relationship

There is so much excitement at the beginning of something new, there always should be, even if it is favoured more to the side of those in the right place to feel it. The risk is always of excitement becoming investment. There is such an important distinction to make between the two, and mistaking them for each other can cost us more than we know, whether we are the one in like or the one on the fence.

Seeing them off at the airport, meeting parents, getting random texts just mentioning how much they like you, getting them to come out and jump a battery or change a tyre (for the girls), getting bleak when they don’t call or message, sympathy, grand gestures, or whatever else. These are all perks of a relationship that does not exist. Expecting them, asking for them or being bummed about not getting any are perfect ways to freak a person out. It also takes away a bit of the mystery and reward of actually moving toward a relationship, even if it never gets there. 

It takes so much discipline to keep the mind in check. We have to be so careful about losing ourselves in the idea of someone, in the idea of what could be. It is so easy to forget that we aren't there yet, and more often than not, will never be. 

The perks should be held in mind as a reason for fighting on - they are all silver linings of the cloud we should be fighting for.

from the movie No Strings Attached

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