Monday, 31 August 2015

Lately August 2015

It's been such a crazy last few weeks that I've hardly had time to think about where my next meal is coming from, let alone plan more blog posts. But things are finally starting to wind down and it's just hit me that in less than 1 week (5 sleeps, to be exact) I am going to be heading off to Germany!

Ok, granted it's mainly for work, but still! I've managed to organise to spend the weekend before I start in Germany and I'm going to be meeting up with a friend who moved there recently and is going to come and spend some time exploring Cologne with me. And then, the weekend after I'm going to go and see where my friend lives in Regensburg. I've been doing a little bit of research into the places I'm going to be visiting and I'm really looking forward to it! In between the weekends I'm going to be training and then testing the software we've spent the better part of 6 months customising to suit our client. It's a tough life when you work on a project that sends you to cool places like Italy (see here) and Germany!

Since most of this month has been taken up with work, it feels like I haven't really done much, especially around the first half of the month. Although, that being said, we did manage to spend a wonderful afternoon at Spice Route the other weekend with some friends. And one Saturday I went to a morning Nikon Camera Course for my D3100 and Nathan Bezuidenhout taught us some awesome tips for using our cameras (after having it for a few years, there was still extra stuff that I could learn, which was great!) and then in the evening we went to a friends birthday party. And we made good use of our Table Mountain Cards and used them to catch a lift down after hiking to the top of the mountain one morning. And this last Sunday I went to a great market out near Darling on Groote Post Wine Farm with a friend. We may have come back with a boot full of wine and delicious toffee from Darling Sweet (think red wine and chocolate flavours, or honey and salt)...So scratch the idea of not managing to do all that much this month, considering we worked two weekends this month, we definitely made full use of the other two weekends! 

In the Nikon Camera training, we learnt how to take those cool pictures where the subject is in focus and the
background is blurred, this was the best one I got of my hand while I was playing around.
80's Themed Party
Me and Frosty at our friends awesome 80's themed birthday!
Chocolate cake with multicoloured heart in the middle
How incredible is this cake? I wish I could claim I made
it, but unfortunately I cant :(
View from Spice Route Front Lawn
Beautiful view from the front lawn of Spice Route.
View from Spice Route Front Lawn
We were so lucky with the weather on that day - probably one of the best day's we had in August!
Orange breasted sunbird being inquisitive
I can't get enough of the Orange Breasted Sunbirds on top of Table
Mountain. This little guy was extremely interested when we started playing
his call using the Roberts App!

Orange Breasted Sunbird on top of a red hot poker aloe on Table Mountain
Looking regal on top of a red hot poker aloe

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