Monday, 24 August 2015

Tea Time Win

A few weeks ago I entered in a competition run by Melissa Louise and Zomato to win a tea experience at O'ways Teacafe in Claremont. I promptly forgot all about it, but a few days later, my day was made when I found out that I had won one of the vouchers!

On a free Saturday morning, Frosty and I headed off to go and use up my voucher and we decided that since it was close to lunch, we may as well order lunch as well. 

Neither Frosty nor I are big tea fans (we both usually prefer coffee), but the tea-making ritual was so peaceful and unhurried and it definitely left me thinking that I could become more of a tea drinker, just to partake in that ritual a bit more regularly.

One of the things that we both noticed over the course of our meal and tea was that service was a key factor for O'ways. The staff were well trained and pleasant and the owner took her time at each table and mentioned just how important service was to them when she came to deliver our bill to us. As both Frosty and I spent some time working at a Four Seasons (which is a hotel chain renowned for it's service and attention to detail and where training is important for all staff), we often notice that South African restaurants are lacking in this department. However, O'ways impressed us and  when we get a chance I'd like to go back to test out some of their other teas (and maybe some coffee too!).

Thanks Melissa Louise, Zomato and O'ways Tea Cafe, it was awesome to take part and win a competition and I'm sure we'll be back to visit O'ways soon!

O'ways Tea Cafe Tea Pot with Tealight Candle Underneath
If I remember correctly, I got the Rooibos and Ginger tea 
O'ways Tea Cafe Tea Pot with Tealight Candle Underneath
We discovered the meaning behind the term Tealight Candle!
Frosty got the Kenyan Black Tea
Peasant Food - Lunch at O'ways Tea Cafe
We got some nibbles before our main dish arrived, they were delish!
Gnocchi and Pesto - Lunch at O'ways Tea Cafe
Frosty got the Gnocchi with Pesto and it was scrumptious.
Peasant Food - Lunch at O'ways Tea Cafe
I got the Peasant Food - a hearty meal of a Veggie-soup type dish with a freshly baked roll - yum!

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