Monday, 7 April 2014

A Walk in Kommetjie and a Ship Wreck

A few weeks ago we walked to the Kakapo shipwreck, about half way between Kommetjie and Noordhoek. Frosty got given a book called Mike Lundy's Best Walks of the Cape Peninsula as a gift and we've decided to do some of these walks over weekends to keep us fit and healthy. He provides a bit of the history of the area along with notes for interesting things to look out for during your walk.

This was the first walk we decided to do, it was one of the walks with the easiest rating and an ideal walk for a Sunday afternoon! We started from Kommetjie, walked to the shipwreck and then walked back. You can also start from Noordhoek. And if you're really sneaky, take two cars, park one at your intended end destination and drive the other one to the start destination - then you only have to walk one way and can drive to collect the other car once you have finished!

Blue sea and mountain

Walking next to the sea in Kommetjie

seagull flying close above the ground

old shipwreck in the sand

Kommetjie shipwreck 1

Green plants growing in rusty shipwreck

Old shoe on shipwreck

Kommetjie Shipwreck 4

Dry and wet sand

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