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Namibia Travels: Part 3

Desert - Namibia Roadtrip

I hope you've been enjoying my Namibia series so far! If you've just joined me and want to find out what this series is all about, you can click on the links to take you to Part 1 and Part 2.

Day 3 and 4: 
The day after the wedding was a very relaxed affair. A late brunch at the Arebbusch campsite with all the campers and some extra faces, a swim in the pool, chats while chilling on the grass and leftovers for dinner. We had some fun playing with bubbles left over from the wedding the previous day and used the opportunity of living outside to practice birding (the most exciting bird was the Long-tailed Paradise-whydah) and sneak up on unsuspecting squirrels to take pictures of them. In the evening, after my shower, I found a little stick insect who had decided to visit our tent - you can find him in the below pictures.

Fun with bubbles
Stream of bubbles
Fun with bubbles
A bunch of bubbles in focus and out of focus
Fun with bubbles
Camping cups on top of a table
Camping table with all our cups
Black bird with bump halfway up it's tail and yellow on the back of it's neck
Long-Tailed Paradise-Whydah
Squirrel chilling outside his house
How cute is this little chap?
Squirrel playing outside his house
Playing outside his house
Lone plant among rocky ground
Plant in black and white
Stick insect on the side of a tent
Stick insect friend
The next day we set out for Walvis and Swakop. We probably spent about 5 to 6 hours meandering from Windhoek to Swakop, stopping on the road to take some pictures of the scenery (I was surprised to discover that Namibia isn't just a flat desert). We managed to bump into Frosty's aunt and uncle about two hours after we left Windhoek which was a lovely surprise! And then, somehow, a fly buzzed it's way into my car, crashed into my windscreen from the inside and and got stuck in my licence disk holder! (Don't believe me - see the proof below!). It managed to wiggle it's way out again, at which point I opened a window to shoo it out. 
We stopped off somewhere in the middle of absolutely no-where to have lunch at a picnic spot that had a teeny-tiny roof offering some respite from the hot sun
. I didn't get a picture, but it was pretty much rocky and sunny with a few quiver trees dotted around for fun. The air-conned car was way more comfortable and made the sun outside look much cooler than it actually was. And, somehow, our bottle of mayo, that we had removed from the cooler box to make space for some meat, spilled out into Frosty's bag and covered my slippers and socks! Life lesson- don't take mayo camping!

Fly caught in a tight spot
Proof of our fly that got caught
Purple grass
Purple grass
Black and white grass
Black and white photo of pretty grass
Green mountains and landscape in Namibia
Yes, this picture was taken in Namibia!
View of mountains in Namibia
View of some mountain range (I unfortunately don't know the name) in Namibia
Mountain with red sand in foreground Namibia
The sand was really this red (hmm, okay, maybe orange)!
Hill in Namibia
I love the patterns that this picture brings out in black and white!
Gemsbok under a tree in Namibia
We found a gemsbok and her baby under a tree
Zebra in Namibia
We also found some zebra
Black and white picture of a sign and landscape in background
More playing around with pictures in black and white
A lot of nothing
Landscape view Namibia
More nothing with a little wooden structure in the foreground
Ford in Namibia flat landscape
My little car made it the whole way on the dirt roads!
Woman overlooking landscape
Looking out at the flatness
Namibian desert beetle
The Namibian Desert Beetle - it collects water from the mists that cover the desert by sticking it's bum up, letting mist condensate on it's back and then funnelling the water towards it mouth so it can drink. You may wonder how I know this? From the online Biomimicry course I did a while back!
We stopped off in Walvis Bay hoping to catch a sight of the flamingoes that the area is famous for. Unfortunately, we we got there quite late and the weather wasn't exactly co-operating, so after a quick look out over the bay (we managed to find a few flamingoes at least), we decided to carry on to our final destination!

White sand dunes against blue sky

Flamingoes in water at sunset

Pelicans flying overhead

White sand dunes with blue sky

Sunset at sea

Tiger Reef Campsite

When we eventually got to Swakop, we set up camp at the Tiger Reef Campsite for the night. And then, because it was cold and late and we were tired, we decided to eat out at K├╝cki’s Pub. It had a typically European feel to it, cosy and welcoming and warm and our meal was lovely as well - I would definitely recommend popping in if you're ever in the area! We returned to our campsite and after a cup of coffee, went to bed in our tents that were pitched below a structure like the ones in the picture above - it seems like it's main purpose is to protect you from rain and mizzly weather. And I guess when it's sunny, protects you from the sun!

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