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Namibia Travels: Part 4

Welcome to my Namibia Travels series! If you've just joined me, you can catch up on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 before making your way through today's post.

Day 5 and 6:
We woke up to a still-mizzy campsite. This called for some coffee and rusks with Frosty's folks, as well as his aunt and uncle (who very kindly let us gatecrash a night in their campsite with them at Tiger Reef) before we started packing up camp.

Luckily we didn't have too much to pack up and all too soon, 4 people's worth of camping gear was packed into my little car, we were bidding farewell to Frosty's aunt and uncle and we went on to explore Swakop a bit more before setting off on the road again. Since the weather wasn't ideal, we took a quick stroll along a promanade with a restaurant right at the end in the middle of the ocean. On our way back to the car, we encountered a very persistent and clever salesman who somehow conned convinced us to buy some carved pine nuts (on which he engraved our names amongst the pre-engraved animals while he was chatting to us). 

Black and white picture of wooden building on stilts, in water
Restaurant in the middle of the ocean.
I love this picture - when I edited in black and white it turned out really nicely!
Promanade disappearing into the page screen
Another shot of the restaurant in the middle of the ocean at Spitzkoppe.
Jetty 1905 Restaurant in Swakopmund Namibia
Black and white picture 
Purple orange sky at the sea
View of the land from the sea (restaurant) - the picture doesn't do the colours in the sky justice!
Before we left Swakop, we were told that Café Anton was the place to go and get coffee and Apfelstrudel. It had the most incredible looking pastries lined up on it's counters and it was just the thing to complement a cool day out on the Namibian Coast. 

On our way back to Okahandja, where we would be staying the night with a different aunt and uncle of Frosty's, we stopped off at Spitzkoppe. I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect, but a tiny pool of water surrounded by green grass in the middle of a bunch of rocks wasn't part of that expectation! We spent a lovely morning and part of the afternoon scrambling up rocks and finding a shady spot to have a picnic lunch. After arriving in Okahandja, we spent a lovely evening ensconced around a warm fire and chatting with Frosty's family. Other than our overnight stay at Savanna Guest Farm, this was the only other night when we didn't have to pitch a tent in the evening and then take it down the next morning!  

Socks drying on a dashboard and reflection in windscreen
My socks, all clean after having mayo all over them the previous day.
I loved the reflections in this pic.
Entrance to Spitzkoppe
The entrance to Spitzkoppe.
Yellow flower
Pretty yellow desert flower
Pink desert flowers
Pretty pink desert flowers
Black and white picture of flowers and rocks
Black and white picture with Frosty in the background
Orange desert flower
Another desert flower - this time orangey/peach.
White curly desert flower
Curly plant with white flowers on it.
Lizard with yellow head and yellow spots on black body
We found a few lizard friends - here's one of them. Don't you love the colours?
Rocks and pool at Spitzkoppe
One of the pools at Spitzkoppe. Can you see Frosty doing his thing
(climbing to the top of the rocks) way in the distance?
Rocks and pool and tiny person at Spitzkoppe
Another pic of the pool - there were even fish and tadpoles inside!
Black and white picture of mountains and twig
Playing around with twig and mountain pictures
View from Spitzkoppe flat with mountains in distance
View from the rocks we found to climb in Spitzkoppe
View of pool and mountains in Spitzkoppe
And the view in the other direction - look how small the pool
looks from this view point!
Frosty and I playing around
Flat landscape with some black hills in Spitzkoppe
View from the very top of the rocks.
Lizard with orange head and tail, yellow on legs and black on body
Another lizard friend
Lizard with yellow head, orange shoulders and black body
And this guy, who we found in a tree!
Succulent plant with tiny orange berries
Orange berries - I loved the contrast between the orange and green.
We found a great picnic spot in the shade of a big rock.
Black bird sitting on car side mirror
This little bird kept coming back to admire it's reflection in my car window.
Sun bird feeding from a plant
Sun bird feeding (I think maybe the Dusky Sunbird)
Roadtrip in Namibia
Somewhere on the road between Spitzkoppe and Okahandja
Sunset over grassy area
Sunset on the road
Tree in the morning light
Beautiful tree outside Frosty's aunt and uncle's place 
Portrait of collie dog
I may have fallen slightly in love with this clever collie! 

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