Saturday, 30 August 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins of Falling in Like: Guilty Cornering

We all know that backing someone into a corner will inevitably result in them doing something crazy to try and get out of that corner...and so Guilty Cornering is the next topic of something to avoid when Falling in Like with someone. 

Guilty Cornering

Emotional blackmail is probably one of the most regularly broken sins. This is mostly because it can be extremely subtle, often reliant on the instantaneous way they feel about us at that moment, and is often about asking the same thing in different ways. 

“Would you maybe want to do something on Saturday, or maybe Sunday?”
If they are not sure they want to see us, then we’ve cornered them into both days, and anything cornered will naturally react badly. (As some homework think about better ways to ask the same question.)

Equally, making someone feel guilty about anything is just as bad. Again this comes down to grace, and a thick skin. The ability to see the good in every situation and focussing on that. As already mentioned, we are not the most important thing in their world, despite how amazing it would be for both if we were. However much they should want to, they don’t have to see us. Conversely seeing someone does not necessarily mean we are leading them on, if they are in a position to take each moment as it comes. There is discipline to be shown here, and real, not blind, courage by both parties.

"Maybe you could just give me a list, of all your ex's, just so
that I know who is going to beat my ass into the ground next."
- Scott Pilgram vs The World
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