Saturday, 30 August 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins of Falling in Like: Private Parts

I really love this next sin and the concept of being classy. Hardly ever mentioned, but a key player in this whole concept of falling in like with someone, are private parts...

Private Parts

The Simpsons
This is a bit of a funny one and was actually the first one I stumbled upon, before I clicked to the idea of the sins. It involved cleavage and a slightly awkward moment. It was an interaction with something private and I recognised it immediately as a mistake and a throwback to former classlessness.  

This might be a bit of a childish sin. There is also a lot of circumstantial forgiveness mostly involving the trifecta of lips, room and state of undress. 
This, much like grand gestures, is just an unnecessary risk and a solid perk of a relationship. It is an important thing to remember, both in showing class, and being mature. Risking it with private parts is really more of an indication of how frivolously you are prepared to lose someone.

The Simpsons
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