Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The 7 Deadly Sins of Falling in Like: Epilogue

So, we've reached the end of our first guest post series. I hope that you've enjoyed this series as much as I have! If you missed all of the previous posts, scroll to the bottom of this post and follow the links before you read the epilogue. Finally, don't forget to like my facebook page if you would like to see more of Practical Cookie! Now, your epilogue...


And so those are the seven deadly sins. Read it, read it again and think about them. Think about them in others and yourself. Think about when it has all gone wrong and try to look back within the context of what I have just wrote about. I really hope it helps some of you out there. 

In the end the sins are nothing more than a tool to letting you be yourself. There really are no such things as reachers and settlers. There are just people who are in the right place and people who are in the wrong place, and, within and around that, people who are right for you and people who are wrong for you. It is sad how much the two get lost within each other. We all long to meet the right person in the right place, but maybe the right person in the wrong place really is worth fighting for.

I think over years I've lost a certain respect of the intelligence and insight of others. I had become so lost in how to get someone to like me, preparing for the worse and scrambling at avoiding that eventuality that the cycle became self-fulfilling. I failed first by never really taking the time to think through their own mind space and needs, and putting them before my own. Secondly I failed by never really given anyone the chance to just like me. 

Maybe I am too hard on myself. I have courage for days and an unquenchable ability to hope. At this time of life we should be allowed to like who we want to like, and spurn those who we want to spurn, but equally as much we should be allowed to fight for who we want to fight for. We need only be ruthless in questioning why we like someone, why we’ve spurned someone, and why we want to fight and how. 
In the end it is always in our own hands. There is always a path that would have worked out with a right person. We are responsible for the outcome, and, to quote Emerson, we should not weakly try to reconcile ourselves with the world. We are the captains of our fate. We are the masters of our souls.

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